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FACET is a Facade Design and Engineering Consulting firm based in India with experience on projects across the world. Our clients are among the top Architects / Developers.

Our Business spreads across the following areas.

  •  Facade Consulting
    • Consultancy
    • Advisory
    • Inspections
    • Peer Review
    • Investigations
    • Field Diagnostic Testing - Water Hose Testing
    • Full Time Project Monitoring
  •  Facade Design
    • System Design
  •  Facade Engineering
    • System Thermal Analysis
    • Acoustic Analysis
    • Customised System Design
  •  Facade Structural Design & Engineering
    • Structural Design and Analysis of Steel Structures


Nitin Bhatia

Principal Consultant & Managing Director


Nitin is Principal Façade Consultant, Founder and Managing Director of FACET, an established leader in the Façade Design, Engineering & Consulting business.

FACET is currently working on several projects in India and Overseas including super tall buildings such as the 117 floor World One Tower in Mumbai.  Nitin has trained as an architect and has worked across disciplines including design, management, R&D and forensics. 

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